Tony’s responses to key issues can be found in the links below:

Tony Blumberg’ s key issues for Highland Park:

  • Supports fiscally conservative government: In order to balance the budget, the process must be addressed throughout the year, rather than waiting until the end of the year. By discussing the budget regularly, the council will have an opportunity to explore creative and valuable means to reduce the budget without cutting services or resources through the use of coopertive agreements with other local entities and with surrounding municipalities.
  • Improve the business climate in Highland Park: Making it easier and more cost effective to do business in Highland Park will promote retail sales and attract more businesses to locate here. Listening more openly to the needs of existing businesses will also improve Highland Park’s wonderful downtown.
  • Opposes salary spiking leading to inflated pension packages: This requires vigilance and attention to detail.
  • Believes commercial development in Highland Park should be balanced with the impact it will have on the infrastructure.
  • Endorses transparency in government; citizens should have a clear view of how the city operates and how it is governed.
  • Address the Highland Park Movie Theater: The Theater should be placed for Requests for Proposals (RFP). This will allow the private sector to investigate the costs associated with the rehabilitation and use of that building and to determine its viability under many differnt possibilities. The private sector is best suited to determine what uses are commercially viable in relation to the cost of preserving or modifying the building or other uses of the land. 
  • Wants to preserve and protect both natural resources and community assets such as the lakefront and ravines, the library, the senior center and services for young children.
  • Effective regulation of behind the wheel cell phone usage.