Tony Blumberg is the most qualified candidate for City Council.

In this election we will have a new mayor and at least three new members of the city council. The single most important qualification for that post is experience. Of all the candidates for City Council, Tony Blumberg possesses the most relevant experience. We do not know what we will be faced with in the coming term. Experience is more important than opinions about past issues.

Tony Blumberg is a lifelong resident of Highland Park. He grew up here and raised his family here. His parents retired here in the Highland Park home in which Tony grew up in. From graduating from the Highland Park Community Nursery School to serving on the board of the Community Family Center, Tony has been involved in our community at every level throughout his life.

•    He has served as a community activist advocating for managed commercial growth and preservation of housing stock.
•    He was a member of the Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs.
•    Mayor Dan Pierce appointed him to the Highland Park Plan Commission.
•    He was re-appointed to the Plan Commission by Mayor Michael Belsky.
•    While serving on the Plan Commission, Tony addressed issues ranging from land use (both commercial and residential); the environment (including green engineering, erosion and preservation of natural and architectural lands); to traffic, parking and safety and improved zoning.

With over 27 years of experience as a litigator, Tony Blumberg knows how to forge working relationships with diverse groups and interests in order to solve common problems. He will be able to work effectively with a new mayor and members of the council.
Tony's Endorsements
•    Highland Park News!
•    Hon. Mayor Michael Belsky
•    Former Mayor, Hon. Daniel Pierce
•    Councilman Larry Silberman
•    Councilman Scott Levenfeld
•    Councilman Steven Mandel,
•    Illinois State Senator Susan Garrett
•    Illinois State Representative Karen May